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  • Does it hurt?
    In most cases an IV can be started with one simple poke causing a pressure/pinching sensation that only lasts a few seconds. The needle is only used to insert the catheter, or tiny flexible straw, into the vein. It is then removed and retracted into a safe plastic housing. Occasionally it may take the nurse more than one try to start your IV, but we're human and everyone's veins are different. We will always try to maximize your comfort and offer smaller needle sizes to reduce the sensation from the initial poke. After the first few seconds our clients are able to rest comfortably for the next 30-45 minutes until their treatment is complete and their IV is removed.
  • What are the risks/side effects?
    The most common risks are pain, bruising, and infection at the injection site. We minimize this by being precise, accurate, and utilizing aseptic technique; a standard semi-sterlie technique that has been set by the American Nurses Association to reduce the risk of infection. Applying ice to the area after treatment can help with bruising and pain. All the medications we administer (other than Reglan and Toradol) are naturally occurring in the body and therefore the risk of a reaction is minimal. However, we are equipped to treat one should it occur. The most common side effect would be restlessness for those sensitive to B12, and experience an increase in energy.
  • How often can I get an infusion?
    We recommend getting IV vitamin therapy no more than once a week for up to 4 consecutive weeks. As Veda Hydration is based on the practice of balanced wellness, IV infusions should be used when balance needs to be restored. Every time an IV is started there is a small risk of infection, and frequent IV starts can increase that risk. Patients who undergo frequent and long term IV treatments can experience the formation of scar tissue in the veins, making it difficult to receive treatment in the future.
  • Where do you get your supplies?
    We source our supplies from reputable medical suppliers, the same ones that are used by hospitals. They are all individually wrapped and are one time use. Our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants are sourced from sterile compounding pharmacies. Everything that we can purchase preservative free, we do.
  • Are you real nurses?
    YES! Every wellness nurse on our team brings anywhere from 4-14 years experience as a registered nurse. Each one of our wellness nurses have extensive healthcare experience within the realms of: Emergency nursing/Critical care, Pediatric emergency nursing, Cardiac step down ICU, EMT/Paramedic, Diagnostic radiology, Psych, Oncology, Certified functional wellness provider, Certified mental health of integrative medicine provider, Board certified nurse coach, Certified in nutrition for nurses, Certified clinical nurse leader, Neurology, Medical/Surgical, Facial aesthetics, Vitamin therapy, and more! We can assure you will always be in good hands with any of our wellness nurses.
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