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IV drip therapies

IV drips deliver essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The advantage of IV fluid over oral intake is that your digestive system is completely bypassed. This results in maximum absorption at a quicker rate and immediate replenishment at a cellular level.

booster shots/add-ons

Booster shots quickly give you energy and allow your body more time to absorb their nutrients. An intramuscular shot allows the body more time to process the medication and gives it the ability to build up stores. Booster shots may be available as an IM injection only, available as both an IM injection and an add-on to any IV, or only available as an add-on to any IV. Single Booster Shot appointments are not available for online booking and must be booked with one of our nurses directly. Click below and call/text us to request a booster shot appointment!

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